One of the goals of the Tri-SCI is to provide funding to support tri-or bi-campus collaborative research grants in stem cell biology. Beginning in 2006 an annual RFA was issued, seeking applications from Tri-Institutional faculty for a broad range of stem cell research projects, including studies of human embryonic stem cells (both those registered by the federal government and those that are not) adult, fetal, and cancer stem cells, as well as stem cells studied in model systems.

Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative - 2016 Grant Awards

Grant # Grant # Co-PI(s); Co-Investigator(s) Collaborators Grant Title Lead Institution
2016-001 Mary Hatten Joseph Gleeson (Rockefeller); Timothy Ryan (WCM) Role of tet and chromatin remodeling genes in human cerebellar neuron synapse formation and function Rockefeller
2016-002 Song-Hai Shi Elizabeth Ross (WCM); Lorenz Studer (MSK) Lorenz Studer (MSK); Benjamin D. Simons (Univ. of Cambridge); Cole Trapnell (Univ. of Washington) Stem/progenitor origin of neocortical interneuron diversity Memorial Sloan Kettering
2016-004 Danwei Huangfu Todd Evans; Shuibing Chen (WCM) Discovery of genetic and environmental modifiers of diabetes-spectrum diseases associated with GATA6 haploinsufficiency using novel hPSC platforms Memorial Sloan Kettering
2016-007 Ali Brivanlou Marco Seandel (WCM) Generation and functional characterization of primordial germ cells derived from hESCs Rockefeller
2016-008 Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis Eftychia Apostolou; Olivier Elemento (WCM) (Re)Directing extra-embryonic endoderm to identify to pluripotency in vivo and in vitro Memorial Sloan Kettering
2016-010 Jason Butler Cole Haynes (MSK) Alterations in endothelial-mitochondrial UPR signaling drives hematopoietic stem cell aging Weill Cornell Medicine
2016-013 Shahin Rafii Michel Sadelain Marcel van den Brink (MSK) Conversion of human adult endothelium into hematopoietic stem cells for immune cell engineering Weill Cornell Medicine
2016-014 Michael Kharas Samie Jaffrey; Christopher Mason (WCM) Dissecting mRNA methylation in hematopoietic self-renewal Memorial Sloan Kettering
2016-018 Eftychia Apostolou Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis (MSK); Olivier Elemento (WCM) Olivier Elemento (WCM); Leighton Core (Univ. of Connecticut) Role of TFs in chromatin reorganization and stem cell memory after cell division Weill Cornell Medicine
2016-023 Timothy Ryan Ali Brivanlou (Rockefeller) Role of presenilins in axon ER calcium handling and human synaptic function Weill Cornell Medicine
2016-024 Joseph Scandura Omar Abdel-Wahab (MSK); Shahin Rafii (WCM) Rapid prototyping of MPN phenotypes using endothelium-derived, reprogrammed hematopoietic cells Weill Cornell Medicine
2016-025 Lorenz Studer Peter Goldstein; Olivier Elemento (WCM) Directing the timing of maturation in human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons Memorial Sloan Kettering
2016-026 Andrea Ventura Thomas Tuschl (Rockefeller); Doron Betel (WCM); Tullia Lindsten (MSK) A novel mouse model to study miRNA function in embryonic and adult stem cells Memorial Sloan Kettering
2016-032 Danwei Huangfu Todd Evans: Olivier Elemento (WCM) TET-dependent epigenetic mechanisms controlling human embryonic stem cell differentiation Memorial Sloan Kettering

*MSK= Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Rockefeller = The Rockefeller University; WCM = Weill Cornell Medical College

Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative - 2014 Grant Awards

Grant # PI/Inst Co-PI(s); Co-Investigator(s) Collaborators Grant Title Lead Institution
2014-001 Ali Brivanlou Lorenz Studer (MSK) Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Ectodermal Lineage Diversification in Human Embryonic Stem Cells Rockefeller
2014-002 Ali Brivanlou Lorenz Studer (MSK) Functional Characterization of SCNT-Derived Patient-Specific Human Embryonic Stem Cells Rockefeller
2014-004 Jason Butler Christopher Park (MSK); Shahin Rafii; Olivier Elemento (WCM) Endothelial mTOR signaling regulates hematopoietic stem cell aging Weill Cornell Medicine
2014-005 Jean-Laurent Casanova Lorenz Studer (MSK); Shen-Ying Zhang (Rockefeller)); Luigi Notarangelo (Childrens' Hospital, Boston); Using iPSC to study neuron-specific molecular & cellular basis of viral encephalitis in DBR1-inherited deficiency Rockefeller
2014-009 Todd Evans Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis (MSK) Molecular control of primitive versus definitive endoderm fates from stem cells Weill Cornell Medicine
2014-010 Mary Goll Todd Evans (WCM) John Edwards (Washington Univ., St. Louis) Epigenetic regulation of hematopoietic stem cells by 5-hydroxymethylctyosine Memorial Sloan Kettering
2014-015 Samie Jaffrey Zev Rosenwaks (WCM); Jerard Hurwitz (MSK); Carl Schildkraut (Einstein) Are DNA helicases the central regulators of trinucleotide-repeat pathology in fragile X syndrome? Weill Cornell Medicine
2014-021 Scott Lowe Robert Roeder (Rockefeller); Suppression of cellular plasticity and stemness by p53 in hepatocellular carcinoma Memorial Sloan Kettering
2014-022 Christopher Park Omar Abdel-Wahab; (MSK) Ari Melnick (WCM) Hematopoietic stem cell origins of mature B cell neoplasms Memorial Sloan Kettering
2014-023 Shahin Rafii Michel Sadelain; Isabelle Riviera; F. Boulad (MSK); Joseph Scandura (WCM) Reprogramming of endothelial to autologous hematopoietic cells for gene therapy of hemoglobinopathies Weill Cornell Medicine
2014-030 Lorenz Studer Shuibing Chen (WCM); E. deStanchina (MSK) Elisa DeStanchina (MSK); Michael Gershon (Columbia Univ.l) Human pluripotent stem cell-derived enteric neurons for modeling and treating Hirschsprung's disease Memorial Sloan Kettering
2014-034 Craig Thompson C. David Allis; Robert Roeder (Rockefeller); S. Armstrong (MSK) Elucidating metabolic regulation of chromatin modifications in stem cell identity Memorial Sloan Kettering
2014-036 Thomas Tuschl Marco Seandel (WCM) The role of RNA metabolism in self-renewal: Novel approaches for culturing human spermatogonial stem cells Rockefeller

*MSK= Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Rockefeller = The Rockefeller University; WCM = Weill Cornell Medical College

Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative - 2013 Grant Awards

Grant # Grant # Co-PI(s); Co-Investigators Collaborators Grant Title List Institution
2013-001 Fred Maxfield Shuibing Chen (WCM); Lorenz Studer (MSK) Therapies for lysosomal storage disorders tested in patient cell-derived neurons Weill Cornell Medicine
2003-004 Todd Evans Jayanta Chaudhuri ; Ross Levine; Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis (MSK) Regulation of epigenetic memory during cellular reprogramming to pluripotency Weill Cornell Medicine
Olivier Elemento (WCM)
2013-014 Marco Seandel, WCM Kenneth Offit (MSK) Spermatogonial Stem Cells as a Source of De Novo Cancer Susceptibility Mutations Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-017 Licia Selleri, WCM Danwei Huangfu (MSK) Novel hESC models to dissect the roles of PBX1 in human pancreatic diseases Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-022 Jason Butler, WCM Christopher Park (MSK) Aged vascular niches alter hematopoietic stem cell function Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-026 Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis Ali Brivanlou; Eric Siggia (Rockefeller) Generation of an in vitro attachment platform for mouse and human blastocysts Memorial Sloan Kettering
2013-028 Enrique Rodriquez-Boulan Thomas Sakmar (Rockefeller) Shahin Rafii (WCM); Martin Friedlander (Scripps) Novel Stem Cell Models of Retinal Development, Physiology & Disease Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-030 Joseph Scandura Michael Kharas (MSK) Regulating hematopoietic stem cell quiescence via temporal encoding of TGFB signals Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-031 Marc Tessier-Lavigne Lorenz Studer (MSK); Mary Hynes (Rockefeller) Revealing Parkinson's Disease mechanisms using neurons from patient-derived iPSCs Rockefeller
2013-032 Michel Sadelain Shahin Rafii (WCM) Development of a vascular niche for expansion of genetically modified HSCs Memorial Sloan Kettering
2013-033 Shuibing Chen Lorenz Studer (MSK); Probing the Interaction of Pancreatic and Neural Crest Lineages Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-034 Samie Jaffrey Derek Tan (MSK) Genetic & pharmacologic inhibition of gene silencing in Fragile X stem cells Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-036 Lorenz Studer Doron Betel (WCM) Modeling of age-dependent neurodegenerative diseases in iPSC-derived neural lineages Memorial Sloan Kettering
2013-043 Christopher Park Michael Kharas (MSK); Ari Melnick (WCM) Translational Regulation in Hematopoietic Stem Cells Memorial Sloan Kettering
2013-047 Scott Blanchard Johanna Joyce (MSK); Theresa Vincent (WCM) Targeting the cancer stem cell ribosome for therapeutic purpose Weill Cornell Medicine
2013-049 Kitai Kim Hironori Funabiki (Rockefeller) A new paradigm to sustain the genomic integrity of iPS cells Memorial Sloan Kettering

*MSK= Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Rockefeller = The Rockefeller University; WCM = Weill Cornell Medical College