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Feb. 27, 2014

Scientists Uncover Trigger for Most Common Form of Intellectual Disability and Autism Finding May Explain Many Brain Disorders, Lead to Prevention and Treatment
A new study led by Weill Cornell Medical College scientists shows that the most common genetic form of mental retardation and autism occurs because of a mechanism that shuts off the gene associated with the disease.



April 23, 2012

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University &
Weill Cornell Medical College receive new funding for the Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative to pursue cutting-edge stem cell research and therapies


Jan. 20, 2010

New Way to Generate Abundant Functional Blood Vessel Cells From Human Stem Cells Discovered
Weill Cornell Medical College Study Lays Groundwork for New Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease and Other Conditions


March 9, 2009

Text of President Barack Obama's Executive Order on Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells



New York State Governor Paterson's Announcement on New Stem Cell Research Grant Awardees


New York State Stem Cell Research Award Grantees


Recent Highlights: Stem Cell Research on the Tri-I campuses

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Funding opportunities in stem cell research will be announced to Tri-Institutional faculty via our intranet website at www.trisci.org. Also see the Grants/Fellowships page.

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